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Artist Statement

About my Art
Maine Memory

I have always been attracted to the outdoors and the beauty of nature. This has recently given rise to my abstract body of work—Impressions--where I try to capture the feelings I have being in beautiful regions of nature. It is driven by the colors, the forms, the power or peace of the actual scene. I enter into the spirit of the location to engulf it in my works.

But underneath this feeling is the strong desire to preserve this bit of nature for the next generation--all of this drives my art. The thought is always present that this landscape and beauty are threatened in today’s world.

This also drives the other collections of my work—Islands of Maine, Threatened and Between Time. I have had the opportunity to spend time in Maine and on the Maine islands in Penobscot Bay, since 2002. The islands have had a major influence on my art. As an artist one always sees coastal Maine and the islands as a series of potential paintings--endless combinations of sea, sky, tide, and spruce trees. The peace and naturalness, the presence of little commercialization, the strong desire to preserve this--all of this speaks to my art.

The paintings now are all acrylic on canvas or wood panel. I enjoy the rapid drying feature of acrylic and the intense colors possible. It allows me to be more spontaneous and enjoy the quest as the painting pops out of the canvas. That is always the exciting part!

Artist’s Path

Starting with works on paper--drawing and watercolor, Ms. Keller became a full time artist in 2001 and selected acrylics as her medium. Major influences on her style come from two excellent teachers: workshops with Maris Platais for landscape and marine paintings, and with Heidi Whitman at Mass Art for contemporary styles and materials.

Ms. Keller is an artist member of the Cambridge (MA), and Concord (MA) Art Associations. She has exhibited her art in over 80 groups shows in Massachusetts and Maine.

Her most recent solo shows were as the featured artist at the Barb Jackson Gallery in Rockport, Maine, the North Haven Gallery on North Haven Island, Maine, and the Harvey Wheeler Community Center, Concord, MA. Nationally, she has exhibited in juried shows of the Cambridge Art Association, The Belmont Gallery of Art, Brush Gallery (Lowell, MA), Concord Art Association, Cooperstown (NY) Art Association, Taos (NM) National Society of Watercolorists, and the New England Watercolor Society Biennial.

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